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A True Story about Nothing Much

The Wonderful and Astonishing Adventures of Ms. Kirby in Many Kitchens

Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
2 April 1982
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"Go to London! I guarantee you'll either be mugged or not appreciated. Catch the train to London, stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central and Shattered Dreams Parkway."

The difference between you and me is that the world knows you are living..They call us lonely when we're really just alone..A smile in these ungrateful times, worth more than what you left behind...That's her handwriting, that's the way she writes...I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn, I was told these things impressed...Before you hang a ride, and disappear from sight...You can only go so far for womankind...I'm not scared, I'm outta here..The photos I take are not the photos I like, they look dull, they look crap when placed next to real life...Spending warm summer days indoors, writing frightening verse...Same old story:lots of hugging, lots of dancing etc. etc...If the world doesn't understand then the world has got to learn...I don't want to be part of your scene, I'll stay away and keep my nose clean...We can connect we can connect through this medium...It was the I looked out my window at the concrete and shut the curtains...Big tears mean nothing, you can count them as they fall...Sometimes I could take all my dreams, all my hopes and aspirations, I would give them all up, trade them all in, for a springboard, a pair of shorts, a plain white t-shirt and the ability to do a perfect backflip...I've lost just what it takes to be honest...I have a nasty habit of thinking about the past, I have nostalgia in my veins too much of the time...I count the minutes and the seconds too, all that I stole I took from you...Your director has a 70's eye,and he's sorry that you're superfly...You may think my life is easy, but I want to be a Bee Gee...Of my own making, I walk a dark corridor of my heart, hoping one day a door will be ajar...You truly are a gifted kid, but you're only as good as the last thing you did...The girl was never there, it was always the same, running into nothing again and again and again...I've got a slightly sick feeling in my stomach, like standing on the top of a very tall building...You never listen to a thing I say, you only want me for the clothes I wear...Just like the Four Tops, I can't help myself!...I hope to god you're not as dumb as you make out...I blame Atari for dumbing me down...her heart's like crazy paving, inside out and back to front...I'm so close to calling you up and simply suggesting...It scares the health out of me...Note to invading aliens! avoid this town, like this town avoided us...Ask me I won't say no, how could I...But I can always smell the summer coming, at the latest by early spring...Got different badges but they wear them just the same...The books that he borrowed he would surely never read, they had an intellectual quality he hoped that she would see..It was on the news someone had drowned, she keeps hearing it over, all night long...I feel so empty, and early twenties should be better times...There in the buffet car I wait for eternity, or Basingstoke, or Reading...I stayed exaclty where I was and suffered endless Felt...

"You had to sneak into my room, just to read my diary?"

It's good to have a spring-clean every now and again, whether under the bed or online. I didn't have an under-the-bed until I was eighteen, though, and when I did it was a whole new world of things getting lost.

I'm twenty-six, exiled Northerner who came to London with her possessions in a spotted handkerchief to seek fame and fortune. So far I've managed to get a signed photograph of Ken Bruce and been taken out for cake a few times, so I think I'm ticking along alright. You just wait, one day I'll find a fiver in the street and then I'll be UNSTOPPABLE.

My main hobbies are writing things, listening to music, reading books, making slightly wonky things out of fabric, taking photographs and thinking a lot. If I can combine all of these at once then there's a good time for you right there. I tend to write quite a lot on here; I write a bit less these days due to less tendency to melancholy and more demanding ways of paying the rent, but it stops the devil making work for my idle fingertips and distracts me from tidying up, so it's a habit I'd like to keep, thank you.

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I cuss you bad

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