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Some old Pink Floyd bullshit  
03:16pm 12/01/2010
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

Does anyone know a website that easily calculates take-home pay? I've looked around but there's no option on the ones I've looked at to enter my student loan/Cyclescheme deductions.

(I get a £2k payrise over this year and I want to work it out so I can throw it at my credit-card/overdraft/ISA rather than think of it as 'extra money', you see...)

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03:51pm 20/01/2010 (UTC)
Goodness me, Ihaven't been here in ages. I'd forgotten how much i enjoy reading your journal.

Are you and Alan coming to Me and Kel's birthday treasure hunt on 30th Jan? It'd be really great to see you and it should be lots of fun.
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