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03:16pm 12/01/2010
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

Does anyone know a website that easily calculates take-home pay? I've looked around but there's no option on the ones I've looked at to enter my student loan/Cyclescheme deductions.

(I get a £2k payrise over this year and I want to work it out so I can throw it at my credit-card/overdraft/ISA rather than think of it as 'extra money', you see...)

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05:32pm 12/01/2010 (UTC)
Jenny: cows
This is accurate (have run both mine and colleague's pay past it and it matches what our payroll people come up with) and includes student loan deductions - for Cyclescheme I think you'd have to work that one out yourself as it's a bit niche.
picword: cows
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05:36pm 12/01/2010 (UTC)
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
I think Cyclescheme ends before I get my payrise (it's a longevity rise so not 'til July) so I'll have a wee look. Should be accurate enough.

I have a season ticket loan so I lose £100 or so before I get paid anyway. CURSE YOU ZONE THREE!
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