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I just found out that Emlyn Hughes is dead  
10:41am 09/11/2009
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
I started university in 2000, which doesn't seem long ago at all. I met a few people through the university society I was in who had started in 1991. 1991 seemed like ONE MILLION YEARS AGO. No internet. No Chris Moyles. No Topshop (not that I had access to, anyway) or garage music. Floppy haircuts, James T-shirts, students buying their clothes from Oxfam instead of Firetrap and Acupuncture, The Word. Another era.

Yesterday, I realised that to a new student of 2009, 2000 is as long ago as 1991 was to me then. I wonder how dated 2000 feels to them.

It has been:
- twenty years since Fool's Gold, Automatic, Unfaithful, Heathers
- fifteen since Parklife, Robson and Jerome, East 17, Clerks
- eleven since Furbys
- ten since The Matrix
- nine since Big Brother (though this surprises me in that how long it's been around)
- Bananarama are as old now as The Beatles were in 1989
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11:39am 09/11/2009 (UTC)
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
And olive oil came from the chemist and people drank Nescafe if they wanted to be posh.
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