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(no subject)  
01:09pm 01/09/2010
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
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(no subject)  
12:06pm 06/05/2010
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

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On our way to Stockholm  
10:24pm 03/12/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

This was going to be a relatively light-hearted post about how, due to the only banana-free Innocent smoothies turning out to be ferment-o-drinks, I ended up with a handbag of yogurt this morning, but then I just phoned my boyfriend to discover he'd been mugged. They took his iPod, his wallet; the police found his glasses. He sounded so shaky on the phone to begin with that I worried it was a bike accident. 'It's alright, I only had a couple of kicks to the head...'  I immediately offered to see if I could get tomorrow off work (someone took a day off for a friend's bereavement, mugging has to be somewhere on the trauma scale) but he insisted not, then told me he'd phone me later after speaking to the police.

I wish I'd not bought him his Christmas present already so that I could replace his iPod. I wish I could drive so I could go round there tonight, instead of waiting for tomorrow or most likely the weekend. Bunch of cunts.

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Another fine picture post  
01:29pm 07/11/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

I can has photoshopCollapse )
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Mark Steakandchips  
08:45pm 11/10/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

I had a sort of kiddie crush on him. Gosh und golly.
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(no subject)  
11:23pm 09/10/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

I'll tell you what is gay - in a Hilary Duff approved way - the way Ken dolls look nowadays. I had to bring one home for a work-related project and, really, he looks good with a cocktail in each hand.

I just finished watching Sunshine while uploading photos and it made me feel rather sad - to the point where I'm staying up past my bedtime to watch Family Guy. DAMN YOU CRAIG CASH. The twist at the end of the episode was pretty clever. Or maybe I just watched too much ITV drama while at home...

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(no subject)  
10:47pm 27/08/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
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(no subject)  
01:26pm 22/07/2008
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
hello! I am posting from the park as i am testing out the new carphone warehouse's webbook. it is very small, hence no capital letters in this post as whenever i put my finger where i think the shift key should be it makes the cursor jump to the start of the document, it is v v tiny. about the size of a large piece of tupperware. passing lawyers are staring at it in much the same way it drew admiring glances when deboxed in the office. sadly typing on it is really difficult and it runs on ubuntu which is very odd to use. think i'll stick to my laptop, even if it doesn't fit into my handbag. plus i can drop quiche crumbs all over it if i so wish as it isn't needing to be couriered back for ;product sots;.
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(no subject)  
10:15pm 18/06/2000
Wronger Than Ten Hitlers
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